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Insurance ABCs

What is No Claims Discount?

No Claims Discount (NCD) / No Claims Bonus (NCB) / Bonus-Malus (B/M) are ways of acknowledging claim free driving.  
(This can be factored into your quote, to give you the best possible price.)

Within the UK, we use the No Claims Discount (NCD) system.  At the end of each year, you will receive a renewal offer from your current insurer, which will state your current NCD. It normally goes up by 1 every year if you do not make a claim.

At Marshmallow, we recognise your claim free driving in the UK and outside of the UK so your proof can be NCD, NCB or Bonus-Malus. 😊

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What is NCD/NCB/Bonus-Malus?

In the UK you get No Claims Discount (NCD) / No Claims Bonus (NCB) for every year you drive without making a claim.  (It’s the UK equivalent of Bonus-Malus.)

At Marshmallow, we want to understand your whole driving experience (and maximise your savings), which is why we accept the UK’s NCD / NCB and their various international equivalents.

There are some limitations that we should note:

  • NCD / NCB / Bonus-Malus must be for claim free driving with a car/van/truck. We cannot accept claims free driving on motorbikes or other vehicles.
  • There are times when we can’t accept your NCD even when it was earned whilst driving a car.  (E.g. If there was a large gap between the time when you earned your NCD and now.  We will accept gaps of up to 3 years.)

Proving your NCD / NCB / Bonus-Malus

We will ask you to provide proof that of your claim free driving.  This proof must come from your previous insurer.  (Many of our customers send in the renewal notice from their existing insurer.)

The good news is - all you need to do is take a photo of your document and send it to us.  (You can’t get simpler than that 😊)

The information we need is:

  • Number of years NCD / NCB or Bonus-Malus ratio
  • Details of any claim
  • Policy expiry date
  • The contact details of your previous insurer including the telephone number, email address, fax number and postal address.

The bad news is – if you can’t prove your NCD/NCB/Bonus-Malus, you will lose the discounts for claim free driving

What’s the difference between NCD / NCB?

There is no difference.  They are two names for the same thing.  (We use the term NCD.)

Is my NCD / NCB affected if I join Marshmallow?

No, it is not! 😊

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